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Police, Military, Firefighters & Supporters

Sheepdog United

The term Sheepdog is a common phrase among Police, Military and Firefighting personnel and it originates from the idea that there are three types of people in the world. 

Apparel and Clothing

Our goal at Sheepdog United is to unify the different types of Sheepdogs and their supporters together under one label to recognize Sheepdogs as the heroes they truly are. 

Challenge Coins

The efforts of a Sheepdog are never-ending yet often go unnoticed and frequently taken for granted. 

Police, Sheriff, Trooper

First, there are “sheep”, gentle and productive people who only harm one another by accident.  


Second are the “wolves”, cunning, hostile and deceiving creatures who prey on the vulnerable Sheep.  


Third are the brave “Sheepdogs” who protect the sheep from wolves and the dangerous perils of life.